In the first Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC, titled “Onslaught,” players will be given four new maps, a new weapon, a story expansion for the Extinction mode, and the ability to play as Michael Myers from the popular horror movie Halloween.

Fog drops players in a classic horror film atmosphere, complete with the classic creepy cabin by the lake. Completing a specific Field Order allows players to become Michael Myers dawned with the white mask and axe. Other players on the map will know the masked murderer is hunting them when the infamous Halloween theme beings to play.

Bayview is a “mid-sized” map that developers say “supports all play styles.” Set on a boardwalk in California, players will be able to see Naval destroyers in the distance.  After completing a certain Field Order, players can call in an artillery strike to take out their opponents.

Containment is a map set in a Mexican village that supports long-range battles across a riverbed and allows for ‘run and gun’ players to help their teammates by flanking enemies in the riverbed itself. The village also contains a radioactive missile in a transport truck. Players who complete a specific Field Order will be able to call in a mortar strike, detonating the missile and wiping out anyone nearby.

The last map, Ignition, is a remake of the fan-favorite, Scrapyard from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Ignition takes place in a Florida-based launch facility and is tied in with game’s single player campaign. Completing the map’s Field Order allows players to activate a test engine on the map that will burn any players in close proximity.

Onslaught also provides players with a new weapon, the Maverick. The new gun can act as a sniper or assault rifle.

Lastly, the DLC will deliver the first of four remaining story-driven expansions for Extinction mode. The first episode, titled “Nightfall,” picks up where Point of Contact left off and is set in an Alaskan snow-base where players will begin to learn why the aliens are here.

You can see all the maps in action in the video above. Onslaught will launch on Xbox consoles first on January 28th for $14.99, with other platforms to follow.


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