You read that right – tomorrow, FOR FREE, you can find Call of Duty Elite on your iOS peripheral of choice. The app will let you review your recent matches, keep up to date on your kill/death ratio, and, biggest news of all, create and change your custom classes.

Out with a buddy who talks about how well his favorite perks work together? Grab your iPhone and create it right there, then upload it to the game, and try it out when you’re home. That firm beating you took last night still strong in your mind? Look at what the top ranked players in that match used, and try to find out what makes their strategy work. Just take out the iOS device you love and check out all that data – you know you’ve been waiting for some way to bring your Call of Duty experience with you wherever you go. An Android release will be coming soon as well.

For pictures and the full interview, check out this Kotaku article. This comes out tomorrow, get pumped!


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