Easy Recommendation is a weekly article where we recommend a game available for numerous consoles.  We’ve picked these games because they’re available on a number of platforms, they’re fun and accessible, and they’re worth your money.

It’s important for mobile titles to play to the strength of its platform.  More often than not, these games are bite-sized experiences, meant to be enjoyed a few minutes at a time.  Even on platforms where longer play sessions are more common, the best of the mobile market find themselves flourishing in the console and PC market.  Knightmare Tower is a game that’s well suited for both quick play and marathon sessions, with the ever deadly “one more attempt” mentality making the latter a much more common occurrence than the former.

Knightmare Tower is a launch game with a pretty basic premise:  a knight is tasked with rescuing princesses from a tower.  But rather than be logical and use the stairs, our daring knight is opting to launch himself with the use of a makeshift rocket.  He won’t generate enough force to fling himself through the rooms the princesses are residing in (which counts as rescuing them, somehow), so using his trusty sword, he’ll bounce himself off of the floating enemies in order to keep himself flying through the air.  He’ll also have to outrun the rising tide of lava, which’ll consume him unless he maintains enough speed.


What follows is a fast-paced, high risk journey to the top levels of the tower, where it’s essential to keep momentum.  Bouncing off enemies grants additional speed, but certain enemies can deal damage, and it only takes a few good hits to end the knight’s ascent.  Furthermore, missing a bounce will slow the knight down, bringing him that much closer to the impending doom imposed by the lava.  Thankfully, there’s a full suite of upgrades available to the knight, including a number granted when rescuing the ten princesses, and useful power-ups range from health pick-ups to screen clearing bombs.

Knightmare Tower‘s quick and satisfying gameplay is a steal at $2.99 for the iOS and OUYA versions, although the Flash-based browser version is available free of charge on Kongregate.  The brevity of sessions lends itself well to portable gaming, but Knightmare Tower definitely feels right with a controller in hand.

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