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God games are few in number for no (excuse the pun) god damn reason.  A genre almost entirely created by Peter Molyneux — the man behind 1989’s Populous, 1997’s Dungeon Keeper, and 2001’s Black and White — where players are put into the role of a god, with control over various elements.  Your loyal subjects, the people who worship you and your infinite wisdom, are your source of power and the recipients of your divine benevolence.  This is the story of Reprisal, a lo-fi take on the god game genre, where you’ll collect various powers to lead your tribe to victory over rival tribes and opposing gods.

What the hell is it?

Reprisal is a minimalist take on godhood, where you’ll lead your loyal followers to victory through base building, indirectly leading troops to battle, and a little bit of divine intervention for good measure.  The first power you get is terraforming:  being able to raise or lower land.  This leads to larger living spaces for your followers, which then means building better forts, which pump out more followers and are much harder to be taken by rival troops.  After amassing a rather large settlement, you can then indirectly tell your troops to “look for battles”.  You can’t tell them exactly where to go, but they’ll wander the island, looking for trouble.


This is where your less benevolent powers come in handy.  There’s a multitude of different powers at your disposal, including pillars of fire, destructive thunderstorms, and even land-swallowing whirlpools.  As you may have guessed, raining fire down on feeble land-dwellers is quite effective, although there stands the chance that your own troops will get caught in your wrath.  But hey, those fanatical zealots knew what they were getting into.

Godly powers?  That seems unfair.

It is and it isn’t.  You see, you’re not going up against atheistic tribes;  these tribes have a god of their own, capable of flinging elemental fury just like you are.  In my experience, though, they do not use them with the frequency that I did, though that may just be a testament to my own godly ability to smite the heretics.  Powers run off of mana, which regenerates faster as you gather more believers.  This means that the initial building phase is all the more crucial, as bigger kingdoms means more firestorms.  And who doesn’t love more firestorms?  The enemy, that’s who.

There’s a good variety of powers to be found as well, with some less exciting powers like summoning swamps and forests rounding out the more dangerous ones.  Still, creating unsafe land means enemy tribes can’t build on it.  You can’t raise or lower land near enemy structures, either, as my first instinct was to lower my enemies into the sea.  However, as your crusaders claim enemy structures for you, you get to keep them;  Imperialism at its finest.


The game will test you all throughout its 30 campaign levels, gradually unlocking new powers as you go.  After beating the campaign, challenge mode is unlocked.  Or, if you’d rather jump into a randomized game, you can opt for the game’s skirmish mode.  Skirmish mode will randomize every aspect of the island:  number of tribes, aggressiveness of the tribes, layout and theme of the island, and powers available to you.  It’s a bit of a challenge rolling over an aggressive tribe to the north with another in the south when you’re armed with just terraforming and swamps.

I’ve always wanted to be a god!  Where do I sign?

Good news, then!  Reprisal can be played for free over on the official website.  If you want the desktop version and all the goodies with it (including the challenge mode), you can plunk down $4 directly on the website or through Desura.  Naturally, if being a god gives you the jollies, give it a vote over on Steam Greenlight.  Then feel free to follow the developer, Electrolyte, on Twitter.

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