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Night Lights is an intriguing puzzler from Tommy Creo that uses light and shadow to create brain-teasing puzzles. Your objective is to reach the end of each pixelated level by using lights to manipulate both traps and the layout of the levels themselves.

The music and atmosphere of Night Lights partner effectively with gameplay, which is simple but lends itself to many devious puzzles. You can only walk and jump initially, but after a few levels you can pick up a lantern and manipulate buttons. The lantern is crucial because you can turn it on and off at will. The light can erase spikes and open holes in the floor, so be careful where you use it, or you may end up dead.

Many of the puzzles revolve around pushing boxes onto buttons to break down barriers to the exit, but the puzzle variety keeps things feeling fresh. There’s also a restart button in case you back yourself into a corner. The only bad thing about Night Lights is that it only has 16 puzzles–for a game this good, that’s way too short.

Check out the game on Newgrounds.

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