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I’ve been playing FIST OF AWESOME on  OUYA lately and it really is a fist full of awesome. Maybe even two! Fist yeah! Developer, I Fight Bears has itself a beard-loving, bear punching, flannel wearing indie gem.

It’s always a pleasure to find a game that seems to perfectly align with my humor. I’m an avid lover of puns, especially painfully awesome ones. So, when I found out that the main character in FIST OF AWESOME is a lumber jack named Tim Burr, I knew I’d be right at home. Not to mention the story involves time-traveling, punching bears, and a giant talking fist… of awesome.  I’ve never been one for beat-em-up games, but FIST OF AWESOME appeals to me for a few reasons. It’s fun, it’s simple yet challenging enough, and it’s hilarious to me.

Fist of Awesome on OUYA

The first time I heard the game’s sound effects, which are all voiced by one dude, I couldn’t stop laughing. Hearing Tim power-kick with his pixelated mouth opening had me rolling.  Then you’ve got your special move, the giant fist, prompting the phrase “FIST!” which helps you punch giant grizzly bears in the face. Additionally, there a few snarky responses from Tim that had me chuckle, and some goofy pop culture references as well.  Oh yeah, and bear strip clubs.

The game has a radical soundtrack and impressive retro-style 2D animation. Even with the 2D animation, the levels are still impressive and hold a great deal of detail which I always appreciate. I found later levels to be challenging so the occasional repetitive feeling never fazed me much, especially with humorous dialogue, locations, and characters.  And once you’ve beaten the campaign, you can enjoy arena mode which allows you to unlock other characters with different abilities.

Fist of Awesome on OUYA

The reason FIST OF AWESOME is so perfect for OUYA is it really embodies in the whole “couch gaming” aspect that OUYA has sought after. Playing it reminded me of gaming with my brother on our NES. It has kicks, punches, pixels, awesome music, and now there’s more snarky humor and pop culture references. FIST OF AWESOME makes me want to sit on the couch with my brother or a group of friends and laugh as we pass the controller to see who can get the best combo. It’s meant to be enjoyed on a big screen and with a controller in hand. That’s why it really needs to be played on  OUYA and why it’s a perfect fit for the Kickstarted console.

Playing FIST OF AWESOME on OUYA has brought back some great memories of gaming and improved them. If you’re looking for a fun, humorous, and entertaining game on the console, FIST OF AWESOME is free to try on OUYA and available for full purchase at $4.

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