Here is another Android homescreen setup for my phone titled, “No Words.” All the resources used are linked below as well as a guide on how to achieve the same look.no_words_by_kelky111

The lockscreen is done using widgetlocker and disabling the left and right actions, I also removed the clock.  The Minimalistic Text widget was used for the clock on the lockscreen and the homescreen. I used Apex launcher with a 9×5 layout and then created shortcuts to apps on the homescreen. If you long press on the app on the homescreen you can change the icons using images from your gallery.


Widget Locker 6×6 Layout

Lockscreen theme: Here

The Clock is done using Minimalistic Text Widget

LS Wallpaper: Here


Apex Launcher 9×5 layout

Icons: Here

The Clock is done using Minimalistic Text Widget

HS Wallpaper: Here

Music Widget is from the Power Toggles App

Galaxy SIII PSD: Here

If you are interested in viewing any of my other work it can be found on my Deviantart page Here

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