Oh, PETA.  The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals evidently do not believe in the ethical treatment of people.  PETA has a long, nasty history of making tasteless Flash games, but their newest one may be their worst offender.  In Cage Fight, you play as one of three MMA fighters — all of whom support PETA — as you beat up animal researchers and, get this, the US military, in an effort to save lab animals from their fate.  Yes, in order to stop violence against animals, you must use violence against people.

Now, there is a disclaimer at the beginning, reminding us of how illegal it is to punch people, and I doubt many animal rights advocates would actually take to violence, but it still begs the question:  why is this a game?  It’s every bit as tasteless as it sounds and masquerading the violence as a means to ending animal cruelty doesn’t change the fact that it’s still violence.  And if you’re going to actively fight animal cruelty, it’d do some good to remember that people are animals too, and that even the crazy-looking animal researchers depicted in Cage Fight probably go home to a wife and kids at night.

On a brighter note, at least this one isn’t completely and totally guilty of violating copyrights, like their past games have been.  You can do better than this, This is Pop.

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