Fame is not all it’s cracked up to be, thus is the case with popular mobile app Flappy Bird. The game has become a chart topping phenominan, something that creator Dong Ngyuen is not enjoying. The Vietnamese video game developer recently posted a number of Tweets regarding the app’s upcoming removal.

This move is being viewed as extremely bizarre. Flappy Bird is nothing but successful, so to remove it at its peak of fame seems somewhat insane. Although the game itself has gone through some controversy. Flappy Bird has been accused of being eerily similar to games such as Super Mario and mobile game Piou Piou VS Cactus.  However, Ngyuen refutes any copywrite issues or even being bought out, but says he plans to still make games.

The only thought I have is that he wasn’t ready for the level of success his game has achieved. Flappy Bird has exceeded 50 million downloads and made $50K in one day with in game ads. So run run and play while you can! This notoriously difficult game might not be available much longer.

Currently I cannot find any information that states whether this will effect people who have already downloaded the game.

Via: The Verge

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