T-Mobile CEO John Legere left no doubts how he feels about the competition when speaking at an event his company held earlier today in New York City. “Stop the bullshit,” was his opener. Legere also referred to the standard two-year agreements being pushed by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint as “the biggest crock of shit in my life.” Continuing his rant about contracts he added, “Carriers are really nice to you… once every 23 months.” He went on to ask, “Do you have any idea how much you’re paying?”

This kind of ‘edgy attitude’ has been the norm for Legere since taking on the CEO position last September. And since the carrier currently lags behind the competition, currently in fourth place, he’s not really taking much of a risk with his behavior. And in case The Kids aren’t hooked by how punk-rock T-Mobile is, they’re also pushing their new “Uncarrier” (no contract) cell plans and will soon be offering iPhones. Although they’d really like you to sign a contract when you pick up an iPhone… so they’ll give you a discount if you do!

When I last had a cell phone, it was with T-Mobile, and they did have good service and reasonable-for-the-industry pricing, so I would sign on with them again for those reasons, not the “straight talking CEO” schtick. But it is still entertaining hearing an executive sound more like a real person. Does Legere’s willingness to talk shit about other provider’s have any impact on your decision on where you get cell service? What about getting a discounted iPhone?

Via: The Verge

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