Storm, an Xbox Live Indie game by Social Loner Studios is exactly what the title describes… a storm. The player has a tower that can shoot fast, but weak bullets or, slow and dangerous bullets. The objective of this game is to defend your tower from the raging storm using your surroundings and the bullets loaded in the tower.

Each game starts out the same, on level one. As you progress through the level, rocks and other objects I describe as “black matter”, fall from the sky. As your tower is loaded with these different types of bullets, the mission is to make sure these falling objects don’t hit your tower or else it is game over.

As I started out on this game it was fun for a while, until I got the strategy down and it got repetitive. These “bullets” coming out of the tower don’t actually destroy the falling objects from the sky, but they merely push them aside and out of view. After you destroy all of the falling objects, a big dark circle starts to fall atop of the tower, but it is easily defeatable. Sure, after each level it gets more difficult, but the result is all the same.  Sadly, Storm doesn’t have the option to boost up the difficulty or select different “levels”, so the beginning is really slow.

I played only single player, but this game does have the option for multiplayer. I believe if you played with four players, this game could get a bit more interesting. Since the “bullets” don’t actually destroy the falling objects, the game would require a bit more of a technique since pushing the objects to save one’s life, could end another.

While you are trying to push these objects away, the background and graphics are very enjoyable. Alas, the level is the game, but the graphics are astonishing.  As the player is shooting these little bullets around, the background shows an abandoned city surrounded by fog. In the foreground, lightning flashes across the screen and thunder rolls through the speakers. It creates a good feel for a simple game.

Storm is 80 MSP, or $1. If you are sitting around with a couple of friends, or are looking for a simple game to pass the time I would definitely grab this game off of the marketplace.

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