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Scoutmob is an Atlanta-based (represent!) startup company that provides location-aware coupons to local food, drink, and shopping venues to users on their mobile phone and on the web. The service currently covers 13 of the largest cities in the U.S. and some of the smaller surrounding towns, but is always working to expand.


Deals offered on Scoutmob are always free to use, unlike Groupon or LivingSocial, and users simply need to hit “Use The Deal” when checking out at the venue. All deals are available online and on the mobile app and a handful of deals are accessible via text or email, in case you don’t have a fancy-schmancy smartphone. This year, they even partnered up with Google and Google’s Field Trip app, so there’s always a way to find the best places and deals in your area.

Hand picked experiences 

On top of all the great mobile deals they offer, the company recently updated their website to include a “Shoppe” that gives independent artists a storefront and an audience to sell their artwork and creations. The writers at Scoutmob produce articles about events and happenings in the different cities, as well, and offer tickets to some of those events and happenings, known as “hand-picked experiences”. This feature is only available in Atlanta for now, but is expected to make its way to the other cities as Scoutmob grows.




















The website’s mobile app is available for free on Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone and is absolutely the best part of the service. I, like most people, take my cellphone everywhere, so having this handy little app right in my pocket when I’m out is convenient and helps me save a ton of money at some great local spots. I never have to remind my boyfriend to print the coupon or ticket (or worry that he’ll crumpled it up and shove it in the bottom of his laptop bag). It also has the option for auto-gratuity at restaurants so I know my awesome server is getting what he/she deserves, despite my bill being half the price. And if I need to, I can save deals I know I want to use in the future in “My Stash”.

“I feel confident using it knowing that it’s not screwing over places I enjoy visiting.”

Most of the deals featured on Scoutmob are 50% off, usually up to a certain amount, which is a fantastic way to support my local scene and keep a little extra dough in my bank account. They’re usually only available once and only one per table, which helps protect the assets of the venue from cheater cheater pumpkin eaters. Scoutmob works with each locale individually to offer an economical plan that is ideal for them. Businesses don’t pay up front or pay a lump sum. They pay per user, so I feel confident using it knowing that it’s not screwing over places I enjoy visiting.

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Scoutmob impresses me with their general demeanor. They’re funny and relatable and they genuinely care about the independents and locals. This quote on their website pretty much sums it up: “It’s our humble belief that the best of our cities comes directly from passionate small business owners, independent makers, and character-rich events. It’s the kind of stuff that make us proud of where we live. That is what we focus on here at Scoutmob; our content is produced by locals for locals in an effort to celebrate the stories and experiences that make our communities better. Yep, this is us getting all warm and fuzzy on you. DEAL WITH IT.”

Overall, Scoutmob is a fantastic app that provides me with a clean, clear presentation of the places in my city and makes it cheap to explore those places. It has the ability to introduce me to great new venues in my city and cities I travel to. Should I ever find myself wandering around the streets of Portland, I can whip out my Scoutmob and find a great spot to have brunch. And because it’s always expanding, I don’t have to worry about seeing the same venues over and over again. If you use Scoutmob, tell us how you like it and if you’ve discovered something awesome through it. If you don’t use Scoutmob and you live in or near one of the cities in the map above, download it (it’s free!) and let us know where it takes you.

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